This is a website about raising pet ants, providing information about various ant species, and related content on ant care, including text and videos.

Now, because people have become somewhat tired of traditional pets, various strange and unusual pets have emerged, such as reptiles, tropical fish, insects, and among them, pet ants are an important category.

The author of this blog is an enthusiast of pet ants, raising over a dozen ant colonies, including various affordable species like harvest ants, bullet ants, and fierce ants.

As for why I choose to raise affordable ants, on one hand, it’s because I don’t have much money, and on the other hand, I don’t feel inclined to keep very expensive ones. Why? Because expensive ones are generally rare, often imported, and not necessarily more attractive or interesting in behavior. It’s purely because they are scarce. So, I won’t buy very expensive ants, even if I have the money.

I hope everyone can find something valuable on this site.